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Yes it was. S&S Kawasaki Crystal City, MO

Thanks RedandBlack, I'll look a little deeper into that system and see what would cause something like this.
If you bike is at the OEM height, get a 2X4 and set that under your side stand with the bike on level ground. that will put it close enough to vertical to make for a consistent measurement. If your oil is between the marks in the sight glass, you are golden.

If the window is completely full, it would be wise to drain off some of the excess oil. That's pretty simple to do. Wipe off the area around the drain plug so it's clean, drain the oil. Catch it in a clean container, in case you go too far and need to add some back in. Put the plug back in when you have drained off as much as you think you need to, and check the level. Repeat or don't as called for.

Some oil mist inside the air box is normal. it should all be 'behind' the air filter, because that's where the crankcase breather/PCV valve dumps the 'blow by' gasses from the lower end of the motor cases so it can be run through the engine and burned off.

If the little catch bottle is full, that likely means there has been some overfilling and the PCV has pumped some engine oil into the air box. The oil on the box sides doesn't hurt anything... it's actually likely to catch dirt that makes it past the air filter, so there's even a sort of 'plus' to it.

If you have a H-U-G-E amount of transfer (quart?) from the case to the air box, that could be bad. If you can suck enough oil into a cylinder to cause hydraulic lock, that can cost you a motor.
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