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F1 light comes on some times

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Hi group just brought my first zx6 55 plate, when I picked it up it was fine. Got home and the f1 light flicked on, didn't think much of as when I started it again it was off. Now the light keeps coming on. It has a standard exhaust system on. Was supposed to take it to a dealership tomorrow but he's said to me if it's what he thinks, (that servo thing I keep hearing) it's gonna cost me £700 to fix.
Any help because I really don't have the money
Dreams crushed:2fingerlol:
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Pull the codes: http://zx6r.com/guides/12417-how-pull-fi-codes.html

F1 = car racing
FI = fault indicator

Also... Wild horses could not get me to pay 700 anything for the exhaust servo. I'm not sure if it is actually "required" with the stock exhaust or not, but I wouldn't be surprised if people just offered to give you one. I would, but mine is toast. A quick Google shows them going in the 20$ range used...

Oh and WELCOME. :worthless:

If the light is for the FI light it can be fixed for $20 dollars. Our member Laggy makes the fix for it... See thread: http://zx6r.com/classifieds/59582-20-servo-eliminators.html
So today I done the test to see what fault it had, and it says there are no faults, went for a ride and fl light stayed off not sure why it came on in the first place.
Abit confused. Also when I turned the ignition on I could see the servo working.
Amazing bike though.
So today I done the test to see what fault it had, and it says there are no faults
Sounds to me like you read in dealer mode one and not dealer mode two.

You need to read in dealer mode two to read stored codes. I can assure you that a code or codes will appear if the light has been coming on intermittently.

I see that you said you are running the OEM exhaust, but my money is still on the exhaust servo (codes 34 and/or 63) as others alluded to above.

Read the codes in dealer mode two and report back.
Ok so i have done the dealer mode 2 now and i came back with codes 34 and 63.
fl light hasn't come on since i last posted so still a little confused.
thanks for your posts guys.
Welcome and awesome bike Man. And I have a servo eliminator that was made by a member laggy. It was given to me by another member and doesn't work on my 09 different style, but does work on older bikes. If you want to pay shipping It's all yours.
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Oh really, that's an amazing offer ma. thanks. I'm in the UK so not sure how much that will cost. If I could get your address to see how much it would cost to post, I work for ups so might be able to get it cheap
Menifee CA 92584. And it would fit it an express envelope.
I can get it collected for £40, probs can buy one for cheaper, many thanks though
it might just be sticking somewhere, lube all the pivot points up and check the valve end is moving freely.
Listen for the fuel pump when you start it. Sometimes mine doesn't kick on for some reason when I turn the key to "on" and it causes the FI light to come on. I'll turn the key off for a second then turn it back on, hear the fuel pump prime, then start the bike and the light turns off. 06 636 so same years as your bike.
F1 = car racing
FI = fault indicator
Correct on it being FI, but believe it or not, although it does indicate faults, it does not stand for fault indicator. From the owner's manual:


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