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Exhaust for zx6 05-06

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Just a quick question, I want to get an exhaust for my bike. Now I know the underseat exhaust has the s shape pipe on the bottom. Does this mean I can only fit exhaust with that shape or this there a joint connector for standard slip ons.
I hope that makes sense
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unless you manage to get that linkage pipe only, you can't just stick on any slip on.

I personally don't like the round underseat exhaust. looks like a butthole to me.

My bike came with an Akro, but yosh would be the cheaper alternative.

go used as long as it has no dings in the metal. gonna look ugly soon from carbon residues anyways.
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Thats the only thing that sucks with under tail exhaust. You have to get direct fitment or be able to bend your own pipe.
Cheers lads for the reply. Slip on ones are just a little bit cheaper that's why I was asking.
I see what you mean by the butthole lol
Can't seem to find any second hand ones that are any good can't afford the prices of a new one.
Guess I will just have to save the pennies
Did you weld that yourself
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