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Enkei Wheel Designations

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Hello, I've been doing some research on whether it is worth it to pay for wheel repair on my bent rims or just buy new wheels. I have noticed that the two sets of fronts and rears I own have different numbers after the Enkei label. Does anyone have any info on the meaning of the numbers or differences between the wheels?
I bought the bike (05 636) with the extra set of wheels last year so I have no idea of the origin of any of them.

Rear on the bike currently (Enkei 1) -

Extra Rear (Enkei 2) -

Front on the bike currently (Enkei 2) -

Extra Front (Enkei 4) -
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Are all 4 of your wheels bent? How bent?
Both rears seem straight. The fronts on the other hand are both bent. The extra probably wont hold air, but the one that's mounted currently is holding fine.
Not sure what kind of potholes the previous guy was hitting, but the bike has definitely gone down a couple times... They both seem repairable to me. Any opinions?

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have had worse repaired. Especially the one on the bike would be an easy repair. If you can find a local repair shop that would certainly be cheaper than buying new wheels. We have an old school Hispanic guy here locally and he can work some magic on aluminum wheels and old school car stainless/aluminum trim. When I restored my 60 I was expecting to pay upwards of 5k for nos trim. And I took the original to him as a hope and I was blown away. Since then I have used him on dozens of wheels. For those type of bend he has a jig with a roller that gradually applies pressure as the wheels spins. When it’s run its course you can’t even tell.
So my advice would be do some research locally and spread out as needed and I’d bet you could find someone who could fix em both.

I have a pretty bent fz wheel there now I will try and remember to put up some pics. It wasn’t even close to holding air tho. Looked worse than your second pic and we I dropped it off he said. “No problem I got you”.
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