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Electrical questions from the new guy

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Just traded a car for a 2006 Kawasaki 636, I knew it had a some small
problems, fairing hardware replaced with self tapping screws, a rear brake
pad that was practically gone and no headlight bulbs. Also a few cracks and dings from either a failed wheely or a highside. Runs great, sounds good but I just have a few questions that I was hoping someone could help me with.

On the way to the parts store this weekend, I noticed she was getting over
200F degrees and the fan wasnt cutting on. It even got to the point where the engine cut itself off at what seemed like around 225F. My question, is this a normal problem to have? Also, is it a good idea to bypass the fan with a toggle switch so I can control when its on and off?

Secondly, regarding my headlight situation, I have came to learn that the
prior owner tried hooking up HID headlights and seems to have failed and just gave up on driving at night. I however want to drive at night, so can anyone provide a wiring schematic or perhaps some pointers on what to check first? I get no power from the plugs that would connect to the bulbs but there is an unused connector under the seat that has power.


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I'm assuming the cracks are from the cheap Chinese replacement fairings you've got on that bike. They're POS and begin to crack over time (wait until the paint starts to bubble). Installing an HID kit doesn't require any splicing, so not too sure how he fucked that up. Your bike cutting off a 225° is not normal and doesn't have anything to do with your fan. I'd look at fuses and relays first. You can always pick up a new temp sensor or fan if that's the problem. Also, here is your service manual, read it thoroughly.

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I dunno if the fan kicks on at 200, but should be on at 225. 225 isn't even that high, I run that on a hot track day so surprised it's shutting off. I would consider other possible issues. Check the coolant levels. I would also run the bike with the radiator cap off until the coolant reaches the top, then reinstall the radiator cap. This will help remove air from the coolant system.

Wiring diagram would be in the service manual that is on this forum under the service manuals section.

Honnestly, it sounds like someone seriously fucked up the electrical harness. I would consider buying a brand new harness. You can get the, relatively cheap off ebay. When you take the old one out, make note of where all the wires route, then install the new harness. That should fix your fan and headlights problem.

You're a brave man. I would run from any bike where an owner decided self tapping screws were a good decision to use on motorcycle fairings. Haha.

Good luck.
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The fan should come on at ~212º.

Also, welcome to the forum!
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Thanks for the fast reply guys, good point about the radiator having bubbles, it was about 2/3's filled with water when I checked it last, perhaps that's the cause. I really wanted another motorcycle and I'm not scarred to work on it, I just need to do my research and reach out to guy's like yal who have more experience with the system, when I have questions. I noticed an apparent leak coming from the hose coming out of the driver side of the oil cooler, I jiggled the hose and water started falling out (loose clamp), so perhaps that might have something to do with the radiator system failing. I'll check the fuses and look into how they wired the HID system.. Whoever owned this before me and the guy that sold it to me, wasn't very smart and lazy, I don't mind fixing these small problems for the good of the bike in the long run. Seems like a lot of silly problems that someone who didn't know better would be stumped by, but we'll see.... any other input is much appreciated. Again thanks guys
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Hey man, if you ever get stumped I'm up in Tomball and would be willing to help you out. If you have any issues shoot me a pm and I'll swap numbers with you. FYI, the '06 was my first bike and I damn near had to do a ground up restoration on it so I'm pretty familiar with that model.
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Holy cow 40acres thanks, I'm off 290 & 1960, so that sounds great. I'm gonna do what I can to get her going without having to fully restore her, but I do notice a possible oil leak
somewhere, so I'm sure I'll have more questions as I split her apart lol but I'm not trying to hot rod just cruise, commute, and enjoy this beautiful Texas summer weather.
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