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ECU flashing

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Does the ECU flashing work as advertised? Who here on the forum has had their ECU flashed, and were you happy with the results. Does anyone know of any reputable places to have this work performed?
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Hell YEAH.... Night and day different. One of the best mods you can do especially if you own a 07 - 08 gen.
Who flashed your ecu? I was also thinking about doing that.
I heard Lee's Performance does a good job at a fair price. You just pull your ECU out and mail it to their shop. Turn around time is like 6 days. I think they charge $100 for the service. That is a good price compared to other places. Just be sure to go to a reputable shop.
I hear good things about re flashing too. I want to do this Any places in Illinois anyone could recommend would be appreciated. I hear some people send their ECU out as well?
What exactly are you looking for out of the flash that a Bazzaz/PCV can't provide?
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What exactly are you looking for out of the flash that a Bazzaz/PCV can't provide?
^ This would be my first question.

If it is a track/race bike, I say go for it. You wont even notice a difference on a street bike.

That said, there are a couple of places that can flash your ECU. Personally, I purchased the cable from Flash-Tune and do my own flashing but they can do it if you mail your ECU to them. Gruhl is another name that comes up, and I am sure there are plenty of others.
Mine was done by ECUnleashed
I got my ecu flashed by lees I had my rev limiter raised 600 more rpms so it redlines at 16000. Every gear redlines at 16000 except 6th won't go past the stock 15400. So there for I'm not getting any more top mph does anyone with a 2013 zx6r thats flashed do this too?
I purchased the woolich racing package and flash my ecu myself so happy with the results i took pc off my bike.
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