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Start saving your pennies, sounds like these guys will put the heat on march, marvic..etc. Especially when you can get mag for less than the price of aluminum....

starts at $1098 w/ Al hub, $1298 with Mg hub. not too friggin' shabby.


Press release:

Durrani Racing 510 series wheels are produced through a magnesium Thixomolding process and are available with your choice of aluminum or magnesium hubs. These wheels are sold complete with all bearings and spacers needed to install. Simply bolt up your OEM fitment sprocket* and rotors, mount your tires, and you’re ready to experience the benefits of light weight wheels. Durrani Racing wheels are available in 6 color choices that include Black, Blue, Red, Silver, White and Gold. But wait if you want that custom color we can get it for you. Why settle for standard three color choices most companies offer? With the 510 series wheels you have the option to get custom colors; we can also split the color from front to back for a truly unique look on your sportbike. What are you waiting for, finally a custom light weight wheel that cost less than an exhaust system for your sportbike. Check out all the benefits you can gain with a set of the 510 series magnesium wheels!
What the 510 series offers.
• Quicker acceleration
• Shorter stopping distance
• Easier corner turn in
• Less rotating mass
• Reduced gyroscopic effect
What does this mean?
• Your motorcycle will feel lighter and more responsive to acceleration and braking
• Your drive out of corners will be stronger
• Your launch off the starting line will be quicker
• Your roll on acceleration will be quicker
• You will be using more of your sportbike’s potential whether on the race track or carving through the canyons

A little background on the manufacturer:
Durrani Racing Components is born of Design Engineering Services, Inc. (DES). DES is world renowned as an engineering and design firm based in Detroit, MI and has been a pioneer in the field of magnesium since 1993 for the global automobile industry.
How are the wheels made?
Durrani uses a revolutionary new magnesium manufacturing process known as Thixomolding, patented in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and MIT in the USA over a decade ago. This semi-solid hot forging like process is a hybrid between forging and die-casting with the proverbial "Best of Both Worlds." This process and their multiple patent pending wheel designs allow high purity alloys in the center hub section and spokes of the wheel fused to a laser welded forging grade AZ80A rim section. Each wheel has an anti-corrosion coating applied and then has the highest quality finishes applied to all surfaces. This methodology results in a rim structure that is nominally 10% stronger than traditional magnesium forged wheels.

The result is a wheel that is every bit as durable and strong as a forged magnesium wheel and is in fact about half the price and our wheels are more readily repairable if damaged, unlike many other magnesium forming processes.

Why are other wheels so expensive compared to the 510 series?

Magnesium cost’s today are less than half what they were even a decade ago. Traditional forgings have very expensive dies which require extensive testing and
follow-up along with excessive material removal; as much as 47% in some cases. Using Thixomolding, an incredibly efficient process, the cost of scrap material and CNC time can be passed on as savings to the customer...YOU!

Combined with a relentless group of engineers and designers, using FEA (Virtual testing in CAD), fatigue testing, and a lean manufacturing model, Durrani Racing Components is able to offer you the most technologically advanced and cost effective performance wheel on the market. Period.
Manufacturers Warranty
1 year warranty against defective craftsmanship or materials. Warranty is implied and offered by Durrani Racing Components.<br>
Product Specifications:

510 Series w/ magnesium rotor plates and sprocket carrier:

Front: 6.4 lbs including bearings and spacers
Rear: 10.4 lbs including bearings, spacers and cushdrive

510 Series w/ standard aluminum rotor plates and sprocket carrier:

Front: 6.9 lbs including bearings and spacers
Rear: 11.2 lbs including bearings, spacers and cushdrive


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:drool light wheels have got to be one of the best mods you can do to a bike:hail
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