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Drill into my triple tree?

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Alright, so I KNOW i'm not being an idiot this time around and I have a question for you guys.

I bought a Pitbull Front stand with a #5 pin. This is what their chart says fits my bike a 2001 ZX6R.

Well, the pin fits perfectly into the top where the locknut is(not that that matters but just for reference), but it is just too big for it to fit into the bottom of the triple tree. So I called them up and spoke with one of their representatives, he said that the #5 pin is the smallest they sell and to not cut the pin down because it can ruin the integrity/safetey of the pin. I asked him about the #6 pin because it also says that it can fit for the ZZR600, he said that the #6 pin is almost exactly the same. Instead I need to get a drill bit or dremel, and cut into the bottom of my triple tree making the hole the correct size..

So my question is would this be a safe way for me to go? I don't mind doing it if I have too, but i wanted to get some other opinions before I just started drilling into this. Thanks guys
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I'd mill the pin before i did it on the bike. Just dont go jumping up and down on it while its on stands.
Have you taken the pin off and tried to insert it while it's NOT on the stand? They can be a bear to get lined up correctly while on the stand. They feel like they won't fit. But if you get it going straight in it will fit just fine. Just take if off and verify that it is in fact too big.
I have the same issue with my powerstands pin. It is just small enough to fit in the triple, but it's a bear sometimes. I've thought about taking it to a machine shop and having them shave 1mm off, but it really hasn't been on the top of my list.
It's very possible that you could have gotten a "bad" pin.

I bought a [#2] Pit Bull pin that was maybe 1 mm too large in diameter. See if you can swap it out.
Yeah Ive took it off and tried it. That's how I found out it fits in the top perfectly. I'm assuming that whenever kawasaki made this specific tube they had a new guy do it and he installed it upside down or something lol.

I just got off the phone with a different representative from pitbull that called me to follow-up on it. He said it was something peculiar because that is the pin that is supposed to fit into the bottom of it. I talked to him about getting a different pin and he said that is the smallest pin they happen to have and the #6 pin is the exact same only that one has a slight bend to it, which won't work for me obviously.

We discussed it, he said I have three options.
1. Drill into it to make the pin fit properly, assuming there is enough material in the tube to support this option.
2. Take the pin and shave material off until it fits perfectly. Only if i did this option, it will shave the heat treated metal away and more than likely ruin the integrity of the pin possibly causing it to break, they won't guarantee it anymore of course.
3. Buy a new tube assembly that is for sure going to be correct from the factory. That's what he really suggests I do of course.

I would think the pin will be just fine if I shave it down. Again I wanted to get people's opinions. I think the pin is maybe around max 2mm off.

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The pin will be fine if you just shave a little off. No, Kawasaki did not install the stem upside down, lol. That's impossible actually. And I for damn sure wouldn't be drilling into the stem on the bike. If the pin fails the front drops and the rear is still supported by the spool stand. If the stem fails the front drops WHILE you're riding. No brainer :coocoo
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Those tubes are gun drilled I believe. (Although, I suppose they could be drawn. But I don't see a drawn tube being used in that critical an area.) So, if it fits in one end, it should fit in the other end.

The next thing I'd do if it doesn't fit would be to get a micrometer and measure the ID of the tube and the OD of the pin. She exactly how much difference there is between them. It might help you better determine which part to work on to address the issue.

BTW, if they are in fact not sized correctly, his suggestion to do #3 is the correct solution in all respects. The other solutions are half assed ways of addressing it.
I figured the worst option was to drill into the tree, but wanted to be sure with other peoples insight.

I agree NatBrown. The other two options are a 'ghetto rig' so to speak. number three is the only 100% fullproof way to make everything right. The outer diameter of the pin is about a mm off from the ID of the tube. The tube is almost a perfect 13mm and the pin around 13.50. I'm saying about to give way for the +/- difference my caliper has.

That being said I'm not sure how they ended up not sizing the holes properly
Oh, also as though, after you measure the actual pin diameter you might want to talk with Pit Bull again to verify that you in fact have a correctly sized and identified #5 pin.
^that's a good idea
I just spoke with them again and measured it. The pin is within spec from the factory.
If I were to take a wild guess, I'd bet the head bearings have been change and the stem was damaged while it was being pressed in or out. I bet the hole on the bottom is more of an oval than a circle now. I can't come up with a cheap and easy way to measure it at the moment, I'm sure there is one. I'd use a telescoping bore gauge, but that's not a common tool to have, and they take some practice to use accurately. I'll let you know if I come up with something.
Yes there are brand new head bearings installed. If i'm not mistaken, to make the hole at the bottom an oval it would take a hell of alot of pressure and would make the entire tube oval, to the point the bearings wouldn't fit back on correct?

I do work closely with a machine shop nearby and buying them a six pack they'll pretty much do anything i ask with metal lol. idk when i could get it over there also considering i don't have a way of supporting the bike without a front stand to take the triple tree back off.
I'm thinking just the opening would need to be warped, and only about t 0.010 out of round for the pin to not fit.
When it comes to fubared fixes I live in a glass house, but if it were me, I'd try and check the bore for roundness, just for piece of mind. If you can get the whole bike to the shop they can check it while it's on the bike. The bore gauges are little telescoping "T's" that you can lock and either have a dial gauge attached or can be measured with a micrometer. They go inside the bore.

Do you have solid footpegs or frame sliders? You can use jack stands under either to hold the bike up to take the front apart.
Yeah I see them use them all the time down where I work. The ones they use they measure with the micrometer like you said. I don't have a set, but I know who has them and exactly where they are haha. I'll try and see what I can do to adjust the situation. I think I'm just going to cut the pin to fit for now. And when I finally get the bike road ready I'll ride it over there to the machine shop and they can take any measurements they want right then and there.

No I have foldable pegs and no frame sliders lol.
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