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I have a 2015 ABS wiring harness that I am modifying for a race bike. Ive run into an issue with the wheel speed sensors. On the non ABS bikes three wires run into the ECU, Green with Yellow strip, White with yellow strip, and Red with yellow strip. I can not tell which pin in the ecu connector these three wires go into. Any pictures or information of a NON ABS ecu would be much appreciated.

The ABS model runs the 4 wires from the wheel speed sensors into the ABS unit. White/Black, Black/White, Black/Orange, and White/Green. Only two wires go to the ecu from the abs unit, Green/yellow and Red/yellow. The wheel speed sensors work with the abs fused pulled so my plan is to bypass the abs unit by connectors the correct wires. I am unable to tell what wires the abs unit connects. I can not get any continuity readings from my abs unit (even between power and ground).

I am totally stuck, any help is much appreciated.
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