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coolant and oil change query???

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Hi last year I purchased a zx6r j1 track bike.. I'm recently turning it back into a road bike and today I changed the coolant, oil and oil filter.

First all I changed the coolant as per the guide it said to refill the system you need 2.3l I have only use 1.8l and bleed the system as per the guide. Is this anything to worry about? (stupid question).

Secondly I changed oil and filter when I refilled oil I noticed a slight white residue sitting on top if oil in sight glass. The bike has been started since and the residue has gone is this a issue to worry about??

Any help would be appreciated cheers more for reassurance than anythingelse
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I wouldn't worry too much about how much coolant went in, as long as you purged the air. fill radiator all the way to top, shake it back and forth a few times. Refill to top. Start bike, usually the coolant will go down as if fills in other areas and air pushes out. Let the bike run until the coolant reaches the top again, and give the coolant hoses a few squeezes then seal the radiator. Fill the reservoir as needed.

I assume that's what you did when you said you purged the system but just double checking.

As far as the oil, the white stuff could just be a little foam. Oil can foam up. You didn't overfill it right? If it's in between the reservoir lines, I probably wouldn't be too concerned. Let the bike sit overnight to see if it happens again. If something separates itself from the oil, then it might be water or coolant and that could indicate a head gasket or something that might be about to fail.
Cheers for that yeah banged pipes started the bike twice without the cap until all bubbles disappeared.

With regards to the oil I'll keep an eye on it
It has now disappeared but will check over the next couple of days cheers
Pic attached of sight glass now


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