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Continental Motions??

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Bought a bike with Shinkos and they had to go as I usually run Q3's.. Saw a good deal on front/rear Continental Motions for $152 shipped. Got them in and their initial quality seems questionable. Won't know anything till I mount and ride them... Has anyone used them for cornering? Knee dragging? I started dragging knees on Dunlop 207's so I am hoping that they grip at least as well as them. Anyone?
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At $152 for them, you could have bought a set of Q3's at $225 and got the $50 rebate and only been into them at $175....... just saying

As far as the motions, I have ran a couple sets so I knew more about them.
feedback is lackluster
feel is minimal
wear is fine
grip is on par with an average sport touring tire
their turn in/lean is slow compared to a true SS tire
but yes you can "drag a knee" if you desire- I did a trackday event on them and was 4 seconds off my Q2 pace, but still was passing most riders
Charlie, I've used em, proly went through 3 sets.
There nothing like the Pilots I run now, Nothing like the grip.
I've seen you ride, I would honestly be surprised if you liked em.

I used em cuss I thought I could get more miles from em, But that turned out not to be the case.
Thanks for the information. Anyone know any good site to use to get the Q3's? Problem is that I only need a rear for now and will now be stuck with brand new Stinkos and Continentals.
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