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Competition Werkes Integrated Tail-Light issue! HALP!

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Hey Ladies and Gents,

I have a 09 zx6r and thought to myself: hey wouldn't it be great to put an integrated taillight on here?

Before you start asking, someone who previously owned this bike put a HORRIBLE fender eliminator kit on here with teeny little turn signals that you couldn't even see in the daytime. two weeks ago my left turn signal in the back burned out! :headbang: To fix the problem I ordered a nice integrated tail light which claimed it was plug and play from competition werkes.

I have the light mostly installed and the brake light hooked up, the only problem is that it isn't quite plug and play. There is one blue wire and one yellow wire and no factory-style plugs whatsoever. :O

I'm hoping that someone can help my noob-ness get this thing hooked up and get back onto the road in no time. Picture is of what I have to work with!


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2009 - 2012 Kawasaki ZX6 Integrated Tail Lights
It says on their page for the light that you will have to splice those two wires for your turn signals. Don't worry though, because this is normal for almost any integrated turn signal system.
When you received the tailight were there no instructions inside the packaging? If not, than you'll have to determine which wire operates the left and right turn signal. Find your oem signal connectors, and splice them in.
Yea you can google or youtube on how to splice wires.

As far identifying which turn signal is which, just turn the bike on and touch the wires and flip the turn signal switch.

Also, you might have a resistor that came with the integrated turn signal. This will keep the turn signals operating at normal speed. It's not required though.

See this post that I went into more detail

Unfortunately there were absolutely NO instructions in the packaging which was not helpful as others who have purchased the same light have said that it does come with them? Still haven't figured that one out. But you guys have been very helpful!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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