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I know many people are curious of how the Color Rite aerosol colors come out so I thought I'd do a little write up of my experience.

My bike is an 06 and has the flat candy plasma blue paint (code 10E on color rite). I was looking to repair two areas that had been scratched up in a low speed slide. I was skeptical ordering the paint because it comes out to nearly $50 after shipping for just one can. However, I was curious and thought it may be a good solution.

Filler Primer (rustoleum worked the best)
Sand Paper various grits
Color Rite Aerosol Can
Masking Tape
Trash bags/ Newspapers
Degreaser and cloth
Bondo or Filler (depending on how deep the damage is)

The entire paint job is in the prep work. I sent tons of time trying to get mine completely smooth and unnoticable.

Here are some pictures from start to finish of my prep work and painting.

This is the bike before...


Prep Work

In Primer


Finished Product

On the Bike

Be easy with the comments. I am not a professional painter. This was my first attempt ever at anything like this. Overall I am pleased with how it turned out. It doesn't match perfectly but for what I paid, I'm happy!

Color Rite is a quality product that is easy to use and pretty close to the stock color. However, watch how many coats you put on as that obviously makes it lighter or darker.

Let me know what you guys think! :bigthumb:
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