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Clutches? 06 636

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I posted this on another forum but maybe you guys can be a better help. I need to do the clutches on my 06 636 and am unsure if i can get away with doing just fiber or if i need to do steel plates and fiber at the same time? Cannot seem to find anywhere how many of each plate there is if i do need to do both because the only place ive found that has steel is Barnetts anyway.
Thanks in advance.
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Search this forum and you will find a link to download the genuine Kawasaki service manual for your bike. It will tell you everything you need to know.

Typically I'd say an after market set of friction plates should do the trick but really you should be measuring the thickness of the plates to check if they are in tolerance as well as the springs.

Download, read, fix...job done.
You really won't know if you need steels until you get the clutch apart. If they are blue or have blue/black spots on them they need to be replace. There is also a measurement for flatness in the service manual. if they are warped beyond this tolerance, they need to be replaced. When replacing them, replace them all at the same time.

Usually, worn, warped or burned steels present as grabbiness or abrupt engagement when letting the clutch lever out. However, this is not always true and steels are not always the cause of the symptom.

Also even if you only do fibers, replace the springs at the same time. Don't even bother measuring them just order a set with your fibers and put them in. They are cheap and almost always need to be replaced by the time the fibers are worn out.

So i went ahead and pulled it apart today to see what actually needed to be changed. She will definitely need both steel and fiber.


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Its actually 8 fiber and 7 steel.. Pulled it apart yesterday and counted. Was able to get a Barnett Carbon Fiber rebuild kit from a local dealer for $168 bucks. Kit comes with fibers/steel and springs so i couldnt beat it.
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