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Hi all,

First off, I would like to thank ZX6R.com for being here and giving me the opportunity to join up! I own a 2005 636 since 2k8 with 11.5k miles on it. My girl, Sookie, now has just over 48k. The problem being experienced is that her clutch is grabbing high. My first thought was clutch cable since it was fully extended, but didn't get one. I went right to pulling the clutch plates out for further inspection. So far, the steel plates, friction plates, and springs spec'd OK.

All measurements are O.D.:
  • Steel Plates: 5 @ 0.009" and 2 @ 0.010"
  • Friction Plates: 8 @ 0.011"
  • Springs(free length): 5 @ 1.63" and 1 @ 1.62"
  • Plate Springs: 2 @ 0.004"

There are some small spots of overheating on a few of the steel plates. I think those parts check out ok, but I need a second opinion before reusing them. I use Amsoil 10-40w and have used Shell Rotella a few times in the past. Don't know if it's hard to believe, but all my clutch parts are original!

Since I didn't check the cable first, that will be something to check tomorrow!!

Other thoughts on why the clutch could be grabbing high? I've attached a pic of her in this post...be easy on her. :)



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