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Clutch advice

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Just bought my first ZX6R, its a 2009, 12000km on it and it seems like the clutch might be slipping but i'm not sure, first off its hard to put it into neutral when its idling (like when you are coming to a stop and try to put in neutral) and second is that the clutch engages too fast (and yes i have tried adjusting it). otherwise it does not slip when giving it gas riding, just these few things that are concerning me.


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You may need to replace the throw out rod in the clutch. If you are already at the end of adjustment, and the clutch will not disengage, that's a good indicator.

I dug out the thread I wrote up when mine broke....http://zx6r.com/mechanical-technical/50535-09-clutch-friction-plates-how-many-what-kind.html
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