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Check Engine light questions

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Looking to start doing some modifications on my 2011 ZX6R, but had some questions before I have at it.

I'm looking at getting:
1. Pinebox
2. Slip-on exhaust
3. Ivan's performance block off plates
4. K&N air filter

I'm wondering if any of these mods will cause the check engine light to come on?
If so, is there a way to fix it?
And what happens to the servo that's in the stock exhaust?

I've been doing a lot of research but haven't been able to find direct answers to these questions. I'make starting with these mods and moving onto levers, fender eliminator, HIDs, and PCV w/ autotune next!!!

Thanks in advanced.
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As long as you leave the servo motor plugged in, I don't think you should pop any codes.
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So by leaving it plug in does that mean I would need to tuck behind a fairing and it just dangles or are implying that an aftermarket exhaust utilizes the servo?
Servo stays in place. U just disconnect the cable that run to the exhaust valve.
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None of those mods will cause an FI light as long as you leave the servo connected to the wiring harness or replace it with a Servo Buddy.
can i use the servo buddy on the plug that i disconected to install block off plates. or what do i do...
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