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Cheapest Place to order M4 GP Black Slip On

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What is the cheapest place to order a M4 Black Slip On? I am cheaping out and not buying the titanium one. I have a 2012 ZX-6R
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Got mine from Motostarz.com at the time was cheapest I could find.
I got mine off ebay. It was scratched up but no other damage. Got it for cheap....sanded it...spray painted it hi temp satin black. Looks just like new :bigthumb:
You aren't going to find a huge difference in pricing unless you find a used one. Some places will be considerably higher than others, but they all have to abide by a minimum price set by the manufacturer. If it's super cheap, then it's a fake or it's stolen. Cheapest will be used, but look around online and see where you can find it the cheapest.
Got mine on ebay brand new in perfect condition (no scratches or dings) for $307 shipped, arrived at my house 2 days later
motomummy 307 shipped should be here in a day or 2! thanks for the input guys
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