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Changing handle bars.

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Hi guys, well heres the story I leave work at 11:30 PM and my bike is all that is on the car park. I walk over to find my handle bar has been snapped. I am assuming as there is no other damage it wasn't an accident. The steering lock was on thankfully and this must have been stronger than the handle bar. I was wondering if any of you guys have any tips on changing the bar and the best place to grab a used part. Here are the details the broken part is OEM part number 46003A. My bike is a 2014 plate ZX-636.

Thanks guys
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Welcome! Do not buy an OEM clip-on. They are way expensive as apposed to an aftermarket clip-on, and most aftermarkets have replacement tubes that you can pick up for around 20 dollars if it happens again.

Brands to look at are:

Apex Adjustable Clip Ons - Sport Bike Track Gear

Driven Clip-Ons - Sport Bike Track Gear


Vortex Clip-Ons - 7 Degree - RevZilla

And probably a few others I didn't list.

I believe you need a 50mm. Someone with a 13-15 might need to chime in on that one.

Install is pretty simple. Remove the top triple clamp. (2 bolts at each side, and the steering nut. Your clip-ons should be bolted onto the bottom of the triple clamp as well, so remove those too.) Take the clamp off, loosen the old clip-ons and slide them off. Put the new ones on and then the triple clamp and you are good to go. A lot of the aftermarket brand clip-ons are designed to be able to be put on and taken off without having to remove the top triple again, so that's a plus!
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Handle bars are for bicycles, you have clip-ons.

Amateur here good to know the correct terminology makes googling a lot easier.
Think I'm gonna buy the woodcraft 50 ml clip ons theres a few good reviews on here.

Struggling with the clamp removing the steering nut. Thats a big alan key.

Cheers for the help guys
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Can't go wrong with Woodcraft, we have install videos as well to help further.
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Hello and welcome to the forum!
Thanks guys, watched the vids and I'm just waiting for them to arrive now. Need to get it back on the road soon.
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