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Hi there,

would anyone be interested in carbon fibre bike parts for their ZX6R? (other bikes also available, contact me for further other bikes available).

Parts are made in China and will be shipped direct to your nominated residential or work address, no postal boxes. This is the most cost effective method. Production time is 10-15 days + up to 7 working days for delivery.

Group buy will start today 1/13/15 and run to the 2/28/15. Bare in mind China has Chinese New Year holidays for last 2 weeks of February hence the end date.

Parts Available for ZX6R

PRICING (excluding shipping & pp fees)
Clutch covers - $70usd
pick up starter covers - $70usd
frame covers - $190usd
swing arm covers - $155usd
tank cover $85usd

03-04 clutch cover
03-04 pick up starter cover
03-04 frame cover
03-04 heel plate
05-06 frame cover
05-06 alternator cover
05-06 clutch cover
05-06 pick up starter cover
07-10 clutch cover
07-10 pick up starter cover
05-08 swing arm cover
07-08 frame cover
09-10 swng arm cover
09-10 frame cover
09-10 tank corner covers


1x clutch cover shipped to USA 52 states - 28usd
2x clutch cover shipped to USA 52 states - 30usd
1x frame OR swing arm cover shipped to USA 52 states - 60usd

Can combine shipping to one location to save even more costs.

Parts are high quality 3 layer carbon fibre with FRP.
All parts are made from a high pressure mould, with a FRP base and are reinforced with kevlar on the inside for strength.
This factory produces the same high quality carbon fibre parts for many brands & companies around the world.

All items are finished in a UV protectant high gloss clear coat.

Please note these are all covers, not direct replacement parts.
How you apply these to your bike is entirely up to you, i would recommend sikaflex adhesive for a more resistant and permanent fixture or 3M outdoor resistant double sided tape.

I'll have pics of the engine cover on my ZX6R coming soon so you all can see the fitment. Pictures above show the quality of the carbon.

For more information, check out my site justcarbonfibre.com or justcarbonfibre on facebook.

If you have any questions, ask away.


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