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lets get those carbs spanking clean!
first thing we need to do is tear them off the motor! -thats simple enough pull the air box or pods depending what you have fitted!... couple of screws no the jubilee style clips at the back of them, should loosen the carbs themselves and i find it a little easier to leave the throttle cable attatched and disconnect the end at the handlebars.

try to drain the things with the float bowls facie down! - ie carefull ripping them out the frame not to tip them up

right now ya got them out run and get yourself a couple of screwdrivers and remove the caps from the top of the carb - mine has 4 screws! remove the cap and the spring ( carefull the spring dont shoot out - but dont worry its quite big so not easily lost) remove the throttle slides with the needle within! do the same for all 4 carbs.
( you may wanna either A/ get some masking tape and tape the table into 4 sections - 1 for each carb -or- B/ use 4 seperate tubs so you dont get all the bits messed up)

next- remove the screws from the float bowls on the underside of the carbs and remove the gasket. remove the float assembly ( thats the 2 pLASTIC BARRELL LIKE BITS YOUR LOOKING AT!!!)
inspect the o-rings -- these are a quite common problem with fuel leakages! if there foooked replace them
then remove the float needle ( the one that looks kinda like the tip of a ballpoint pen!) and remove the main jets.

now lets get cleaning!!!!
grab some washing up liquid fairy will do just fine - no fancy pants cleaning shit, out soapy will do ya.... a tooth brush is good for getting stuck on grime- the missus one will do just fine!!! and a old cloth

start by cleaning the whole of the outsides of the carbs first - dont wanna get the inside sparkling then get grubby fingers inside afterwards!-- then give them a good thorough rinse.
Now lets start on the inside:- pay extra attention to the inside of float bowls.... then clean the bowls themselves - inside and out. give them a right good scrubbing to get all the crap and brown rusty deposits out... claen the caps and then carefully clean the fuel needles.. main jets and the whole float assembly.
Clean the throttle slides paying extra attention to the shafts ( grime and dirt will build up here and cause the slides to stick -- killing the performance andresponse of your bike.) clean your float needles, once theyre clean, soak them in some petrol to prevent them drying out untill ya ready to reinstall them ( for fook sake dont be smokin around them either :angryfire: )
now go put yer feet up in front of the telly box or check out streetfightered on the cyberweb!
let everything dry out thoroughly overnight.
** when leaving it all to dry - leave the carbs with the intakes face down -- intakes been where the airfilter goes!**

grab a tin of WD-40 and spray all linkages and throttle linkage springs and spray each barrell thoroughly too.

we'll start by reassembling the tops:
insert the needle back into the throttle slide - this can be a little fiddly,
and slide them back into the carb.
install the spring and the cap correctly and screw on the tops.... pay attention to them mine have a little edge that fit one way only.

flip the carbs over and re-assemble the float assemblies.... re-insert the float assembly and the gasket on the bowls and reinstall the float bowls and screw back shut.

** at this point why not grab the pollisher and pollish them up before puttin them back on... for extra bling!!!!!!**

Now we can slap them back in the bike how they were ripped out!
connect the fuel hoses and the tank
now fire her up
** the carbs are empty so it may take a few turns to get the petrol pumped back through!**

now that shes roaring loudagain - go slap yer lid on and rip up some tarmac

did you notice the difference?

cleaner carbs = cleaner response = a better ride
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