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I was complaining about the small amount of damage on my ZX6R when I jumped off and it fell over - sitting at a stop sign and an idiot almost hit me! My wife said "its like you now it has scars"! I would but the new fairing and wait for to put it on. That will ensure it doesn't get more damage :)

My current bike (2020 Tracer GT) just turned a year old and has 16,000 miles on it! When I traded bikes in Sioux Falls SD noticed it had some scratches on one of the side cases. Been meaning to paint the lid but haven't done it yet. Just returned from a long trip and I've got to wash the bugs off so I can see if it has any damage. Went from Alabama thru Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan UP, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho (just barely), Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Mississippi. Generally avoid interstates and big cities an when in traffic tend to not follow to closely. However there is always stuff on the road. This trip going up thru Michigan was passing an 18 wheeler and saw something get tossed up in the air. It was spinning rapidly and looked like maybe a hose clamp. I flicked the bike over and physically moved to my left but it was close. Later looking at the front fairing I noticed a scuffed place on the side of the right fairing just below my handlebar. I remember being surprised at not feeling it hit me as it was very close!
So you came to Minneshithole and didn't look me up..............

shame on you
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