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bought a crashed bike and I'm not sure what I'm dealing with?

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hey what's up new to the fourm looking for a little information. I bought a Crashed 2006 636 no title. I'm not sure if it's zx6r or the zx6RR how can I tell? I just wanna know if it's 599cc or 636cc. What can I look for to get some info , what's different? Thanks real help would be appreciated.
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get the vin number of the bike and go to a kawi dealer. they should be able to tell you.

engine block serial number also should tell you whether its a 599 or 636
No other way to tell? Lol.. WOW that's crazy. Ok I guess that's what I'll have to do then. Thanks for your help if you think of anything else please let me know. Thanks again.
You can always just "call" a dealer and give them the vin. You don't have to drive up there, lol.
post a picture... lots of smart ppl on this forum
Post a picture, run the vin etc
Or, you can go here and search for your owner's manual by entering the VIN number:
Owner's & Service Manual | Kawasaki Vehicle Manuals

That should tell you what you have, unless the motor was swapped out for something different at some point.
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