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Bike Stored In Werk Shop

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My bike sat in my werk station from mid Sept.up until today.I removed the battery an plastic wrapped it mainly to keep dust off it when i werk.But i left the gas in it an didnt put in any fuel stabilizer.The tank is full an all,so it should be ok rite?
The shop stayed atleast 65-70 degrees during the day an about 60 degrees at nite.Should i remove the gas an add fresh ?
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Start it............ ride it until you use about half the tank-top it off with fresh etc..... after a couple fills it will all be fresh and new fuel in the tank
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I personally never had a bike sit that long without riding...(Yes...even on the northeast coast) but if the bike starts/runs I would not worry about draining or cleaning anything out "yet". With me I have had it sit for up to 3 months at a time with the same fuel and never had issues :O ....hell the gas on my 2012 i just picked up is two years old :crazy

As Riverrzzr stated, ride it and keep putting fresh fuel in (93 if you have access to it). Should clean itself up after a few tanks (maybe 2-3 fill ups)
You could also put some StarTron in there to help with any ethanol in the old fuel.
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