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Beautiful day for some alone-time with my bae..

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Weather was absolutely ideal for a long ride today in southeast Georgia so I put on some "In Flames" and rode out to Hilton Head, SC. I-95 was absolutely choked with all the peeps heading back up north from Bike Week so the going was a little slow but once I got to I-16 things picked up. Rode through downtown Savannah, across Hutchinson Island on the Talmadge bridge, and along the atrocious SC two-lane highways into Hilton Head proper.

No idea where I was going and almost slipped up and ended up on the toll road (had no cash whatsoever) but eventually got my bearings and made it to Bonefish (where I enjoyed some crab-stuffed orange roughy and a cold water lobster tail)!

The ZX-6R is such a great long haul sportbike (the best I've ever owned in fact) as it is actually fairly comfy in the saddle, has that extra 37cc midrange over the other 600's (and seemingly higher gearing than I remember my other 600's being), and is set up fairly soft for a supersport IMO. My old ZX-10R was a pretty good long distance bike too but the 6R is just so much more maneuverable and agile (for when idiots happen).

Anyway, here is the lone pic I took on the trip:

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Looks good man but get rid of that fender and huge exhaust!
man, to all those who live in the dry & hot weather, lucky bastards, where I live (Canada, Ontario) it's friggin cold & snowy for many months, so jealous man really jealous but looks like winter is coming to an end and I get to ride again very soon.
Looks good man but get rid of that fender and huge exhaust!
Haha, I hear ya man! Fender eliminator is next on the list and I'm still trying to decide which slip on to go with. I like the M4 Street Slayer and the Two Brothers M-2 Silver Series...
What. In the fuck. Is a 'bae'.?
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