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Hi all,

Just a quick question.

Yesterday I serviced my bike doing the general bits;

Fuel filter
Air filter
spark plugs
oil filter
and oil

once I had put my bike back together and went to start up there was an almighty backfire which resulted in my parents running out to see what was going on and a quick underwear change to follow.:Oo:

What is the cause of such a backfire?

it only happened once and hasn't happened again. would it be residual fuel?



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residual fuel that pooled or maybe oil? if it only happened or has only happened once so far, it was probably just some pooled up oils that caught...

By no means am i a motorcycle mechanic..but i did have my 5th scale RC (which is a 2-stroke engine) sound like it was about to take off one time, my guess was just oils/fuel that lingered and caught and went kaboom. never happened again and still performed/performs as it should. If it was only once id be willing to bet it wasnt anything major...but you may want to double check your bike just to be sure..
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