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automatic cam chain tensioner help please

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Hi all. I have been looking up the different ways to overcome this cam chain tensioner issue. I did what a popular YouTube clip advised and it worked. I was so happy it sounds normal again, however!! Took it two mile down the road to fill the tank up. When I finished (paid) I started her up and she was having none of it. Checked the kill switch incase some donut was having a giggle in their car watching me trying to start it. The only way i could get her going was to keep my thumb on the engine start and give it some revs. Got back home and she was sounding bad again and vibrating a bit on idle. Switch her off and ordered a new CCT. I am worried I may have damaged some internals.
Has this happened to anyone and could anyone give me any reassuring news on this issue.
Thank you
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Reset the automatic tensioner properly by following the procedure in your service manual: http://zx6r.com/service-manuals
I think that video says to listen for one click, But having had my tensioner out I can tell you its hard to hear that click.

How far did you back the bolts out? It may have taken up to much slack. There is very little room for error.
Reset the automatic tensioner properly by following the procedure in your service manual: Service Manuals - ZX6R Forum
This is the only proper method..... !

No reassurance for you.........You are going to have to figure out what you fucked up.
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I have had to get the original replacement as getting a manual APE one in the UK is proving a bit difficult. I will be getting the manual one though. I only heard the one click when I adjust it. My worry is if I have damaged any valves. As that could be a reason to why it won't start. Just waiting for this part to come and I'll see what I have got to face. Thanks for that link though. I'll be doing it "properly" from now on.
^ I would be pulling the valve cover and checking cam timing, I also would be checking valve clearances.
I would not try to start it, crank it or anything without doing those things first!

up several posts was the link to the oe service manual
Great news.
All is ok. Replaced the cam chain tensioner and had the engine checked. All is good.
Thanks for all your input
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