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Atlanta, GA?

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Anyone in/near ATL, GA know any good riding spots? Curvy and/or straight-aways, I'm not picky :)
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I heard Blood Mountain is good. If you check google maps, its a bit far away from Atlanta. From what I've seen, its worth the trip. When I get home later this year (9 more months, can't wait), that is on my list of things to do.
Alright, thanks, I'll look into it.
I'm just East of the perimeter. Blood mountain and some other roads nearby there in the mountains can be very gratifying rides.

I will say that they get damned busy though. Even on not so perfect days, the main stretch up blood mountain can be absolutely jam packed, with many bikes regularly breaking double yellows at speed to pass, which can make it seem hectic for everyone. There is also a single decreasing radius turn on there that just eats bikes heading up the mountain (I watched an ultra classic eat it there, last time I rode it).

I might also still be replacing plastics from the last time I was up there (although my off was a lot less dramatic).

Still, it's definitely something to check out and the surrounding area is really neat. I love going up that way in the fall time. lot's of tree covered mountain roads.
Sounds like it can be a heart racer at times, when I get my bike back together I'll definitely head out that way sometime. Thank you for the heads up!
Wolf-pen gap (hwy 180) between 129 & 60, hwy 60 from Dahlonega to Blue Ridge, hwy 136 , Ft Mnt/Hwy 52 from Elijay, Hwy 140 north of Waleska & Salacoa Rd, etc . . .
I live in Cherokee Co
Seconded ^^ I've ridden with Rickthefix quite a few times on these roads. Beautiful scenery and some very fun technical roads.
I need to bookmark this thread, I just can't wait to go home and ride in the hills and back roads of Atlanta (I talking about the areas outside I-285).
I live in marietta just north of Atlanta, also looking for some twistys to ride when it gets nicer
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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