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another milky oil thread

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Hi. For the past few months ive been using my bike to commute to work. Because its been really shit weather i havent been taking the scenic route or anything like that, just straight to work and back which is only 3 miles each way. bad boy, i know... i arrive at work at 6am when its nice and cold and get home at about 18.15 when its also nice and cold. after just a short ride that's begging for condensation, i know. today after work i looked at the oil level glass and saw ive got a pretty nasty layer of white on it i opened the cap and that wasnt too pretty either. i could see normal oil in the sump behind the crap on the glass so i took it for a thrash to try and clear the oil up a bit. after 10 or 15 mins i took it home and checked again and the sight glass is a bit clesrer than it was before but the filler cap has some fresh white crap. i dont want to dump the oil and put in some fresh stuff just for that to instantly become contaminated and if i open the filler cap when the bike is running i do see good oil spitting out a little, so do you think im safe to ride it on the oil thats in there for a while on longer rides every day to help clear the system and then do a change once the oil looks back to normal?

btw my coolant looks fine and the level isnt dropping as far as i can tell

Thanks for reading, sorry for the essay
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Ride it longer and let the bike actually get up to temp for a while. 3 miles isn't enough to warm the bike completely up to temp.
if your coolant aint dropping, I'd say you're in the clear

just normal condensation and not getting enough heat to boil it off
Ok thanks, I just wanted to check it's ok to just burn it off when it's this bad rather than changing the oil. I've had it a bit milky before but the filler cap was full of sticky crap that didn't look good at all.

my gsxr does this too. I pulled clutch cover off other day just to clean out the milky residue. short rides are what makes it happen. no way to really fix the issue
You need the bike up to full temp for atleast 15 minutes in the day to day riding to prevent this, in cooler temps.... once you have it (condensation build up), it would be very hard to get rid of without changing the oil- sure if you rode continuously for a few hours you may well evaporate off all the condensation, but in the meantime you have water- which is not a good lubricant- mixed with your oil trying to keep the engine parts lubricated. Which is not going to do the engine any favors, and if it is building up on the fill cap, it is also building up on the valve cover and other areas too.
I did kind of think that. I was trying to find out the easiest way to get it all cleared. Changing the oil might help a bit but that stuff is pretty sticky and a lot of it will stay behind I reckon. I'm just trying to find the best plan of attack. From now on I'll take the longer route home so it helps clear it and stops it getting worse but other than that I haven't got any great ideas.
Went out for the first proper ride of the year today and checked after about an hour and the oil looked as it should :) hopefully taking the long route home every day will keep it as it should be
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I really hope
It's condensation because I have the same problem, oil looks
Crisp and clean behind the milkyness on the lense. I got the bike from a friends friend. I know he never took really good care of it what so ever but I know it runs and got it next to cheap for a stunt bike ... I dumped his oil which wasn't even half a quart and put in fresh oil... Got the bike from the shop after a headlight fix rode it home and I have that milkyness back .... He had it stored with next to no gas and no oil in an un Heated storage
SPot. Bike doesn't seem like it's lost power , no white or black smoke. I can post a pic if someone can guide me to do so
How does the coolant look?
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