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Another Good Day

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Got to ride in to work today..... it's about 35 miles one way, and the temps were in the low 40's when I geared up for the trip in. Insulated pants, insulated jacket, balaclava, yellow safety glasses, insulated boots..... and those electrically heated gloves.

With daylight savings just kicking in, this has been the first day that the pavement was dry and clear; and I hit the road right as the sun cleared the horizon.... patchy splashes of crimson, red, and umber illuminated the beginning of the day.

I love seeing the unbroken skyline -- the view through my helmet visor is so much more fulfilling than anything I see with the windshield of my car, and the dash, and the pillars. So completely more rewarding.

By the time I got to the first stretch of multilane pavement, the motor was up to temp, and I'd settled into my rythm. Had to fiddle with the mirrors a bit, and they had been bumped in the garage, but that is a small price to pay.

5 miles from the house, I had to stop and tank up --- $7.75 of premium grade, and I am off. Did I mention that the bike really, really likes cold air? I'm glad I had the heated gloves to offset the coolness..... whenever I stop my glasses fog up from the warmth of my breathing - I've learned to breathe very shallow, until I am rolling again.

Half an hour of freeway later, I am approaching the base gate -- dug into the tank bag for my badge, managed to not drop it and handed it to the sentry -- he waved me through after looking the thing over and handing it back - I told him to stay warm, and rolled on into work.

All day long, I'm thinking about the ride home......

Yup. A Good Day.
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Glad you had a good ride! I remember the colder days when I was stationed at Langley, but now I've become so spoiled with Florida weather to the point I would freeze in the 50s.
Have you seen any progress with the new track down there? Somehow I don't think it will be ready for April...
Not much progress on the track....... I haven't seen any buildings going up. That isn't a good sign.......
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