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Knowing that tomorrow is expected to rain, getting in a ride today, made eminent sense.

Especially when the seals to nearest me was having a dealer demo day. I got notified about that Friday, figured I could slide over there and try out a Yamaha or two. Really wanted to try out a Tracer GT.

Ride the 25 mainly highway miles, only to find the dealership was closed on Sunday.

There are times I despise this state.....

That put me out of my usual stomping grounds, which meant my speed bore a much greater resemblance to the posted limit than is my norm. I rode on highways all the way back to Tappahanock via Hwy 17. After a bit more than an hour in the saddle my hips were screaming at me, and I had to stop and stretch.

After a caramel frappe, I could ride West back to familiar territory. Topped up the bike, and finally got to blow out the cobwebs for 30+ miles.
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