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Been looking into building a zx6 from ground up for stunts purely lot any advice? Parts?
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Not a whole lot of stunters here so it might be a bit before you get some info from the members here. I'd check out Stunt Bike & Motorcycle Stunt Forums - Stuntlife.com and see what people are doing with the same bike you have. Probably get answers quicker and much more specific.

If I had anything to add I would... but I don't have a clue as to what to do to a stunt bike build lol.
If your going to do just lot and not ride the thing on the street, go for something with a salvaged title or that cant be registered. You can get some great prices if you know what your looking for. One of my friends ZX6R might get totaled. It was stolen less than 2 hours but got a lot of damage because it was thrown on its side in a pickup truck. Whoever gets that bike off salvaged title is going to basically get a brand new bike for probably a 4th or 5th of the cost.
Thanks for the advice I didn't even think about one that can't be registered it's just slim pickings where I am so I was looking at eBay to piece together one because it's cheaper than going 7 hours plus paying an outrageous amount for any 636.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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