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97' kawasaki zx6r problems

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Ok I have another problem with my bike. The engine doesn't seem to turn over. There is new oil and filter, battery and the gas tank is almost full. When I press the start button, I hear a rattling sound at the back of the bike under the seat. Does anyone know what could be causing the bike not to start? I'm trying to get it fixed so I can sell it.
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Holy cow! How many posts are you going to start with exactly the same content?

One is more than enough.
If its rattling/clicking underneath the seat....I would imagine it was something electrical related (i.e battery).

Just my $0.02
while holding the start button wiggle your clutch lever...mine did this for a while and you can hear it from under the seat but it wont click over to start cuz it is not recognizing the clutch switch...
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