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96 zx parts 4sale nsw aus

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I have 3/4 of a 1996 zx6 im getting rid off if chasing parts let me know and ill see if I have any.
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Hey mate shoot biker Ben a message.. He was looking for parts the other day
What the price on motor??? Is it running
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No sure on motor bought off a guy who had the bike just sitting in shed but has no clutch basket for some reason.
Here's some pictures sorry about quality old ipad

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Albion park in Wollongong area
Do you just have the motor or do you have other parts as well? If bikerben doesn't bite on the motor, I could use the top half possibly. Also, if you have any other parts (bird cage, speedo, both clip-ons, electrical boxes for the turn signals and the kill/start switch, any plastics, airbox, seats, etc.) please let me know.
I have the speedo,seats,wiring harness,blinkers(I'll check),rear ductail,both clip onside other parts I'll take some pictures tomorrow.
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Here are some pictures of stuff I have if you don't see some thing ask me I might have it.

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$25 + freight as has crack will need to be plastic welded
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Also have front forks, triple tree and brakes.
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Open to offers need gone
Motor, swingarm and front guard sold any takers on other stuff otherwise ill take to wreckers as I need room.
Have you still got the left overs?
I'm after an air box?
Do you have left side fairing (what colour).
Also, master brake cylinder.
If so, what price

Just seen the date of original post lol
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