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Hey everyone,
It's been a while since I've been on here. Thanks for reading.

I have a 94 ZX6-E2. 2 weeks ago I tried to start it and it fired right up! (for about 3 seconds)... I let it sit and it still won't start. Had a similar problem before so I:
Drained the gas entirely (and it started again before storing it and ran)
Checked spark plugs; all have spark
rebuilt carburetors and properly adjusted them. (when I inspected them; nothing out of the normal was noted. And I went for a lengthy ride since)
replaced petcock

Don't mean to a post that could be interpreted as repetitive, but I've been reading the other posts and I can't find a solution.
WHEN I TRY TO START IT NOW, it sometimes sounds like it wants to start, BUT WILL ALSO BACKFIRE at times. Mostly just turns over with intermittent backfires. I put in a new battery as well to see if I didn't have the cranking amps, but no luck. Fuel pump definitely works!
Any ideas? I do have the factory service manuals
Thanks for your time!

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Lets clean up your post and ignore what problem you had some time ago..... and add some needed information

So currently it has been sitting for quite some time?

Currently when you try to start it it will crank over fine but not actually start running?

When was the last time you had it running and driving? how old is the fuel in it currently? how full? How many miles on bike and when was the last time it had real tune up type of service? stored indoors or out for however long it has been sitting?
corrosion on any wires etc?

You have checked spark--backfiring would be an indication you have that, but check anyways to see it is on all 4 cylinders....
You have fuel, that is reasonably fresh and flows from the petcock and into the pump and from the pump to fill the carbs...

air...fuel...compression....spark...exhuast...................all of these are needed and needed at the correct time and in the correct ratio

Check your oil level, is it abnormally high (like fuel has leaked past floats or needle/seat assemblies and flooded the bike and filled the crankcase)
Check you intake.....no massive mouse nest or anything
check your spark.....plugs, wires, timing
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