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Well I sent my pride and joy (2002 model ZX-636R A1, registered in 2003) into the only mechanic in practise that I trust, as she had has just hit the 6k miles mark.
I got him to check the valves, and valve train, cam chain and tensioner and all was well. He said the usual Kawasaki noises were present and correct!

He said it was a clean as a whistle in there so a plug clean and gap, filter clean and carb balance and she is singing now like a boy soprano who has accidently sat on himself!

So, a new oil filter and oil and she should be ready for the next 6k miles or so!

There is a standard air filter in there and the Akrapovic pipe seems to live happily with it so I'd imagine it is on standard jetting. I wasn't sure as she did idle a little roughly, but it turned out the carbs were way out and now she is quite smooth, though there is still a little burbling to give it character.

I wasn't expecting horrors, but still, it is good to have a clean bill of health for piece of mind and some paperwork for the beginnings of s service history!

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