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2023 ZX not starting, found some wires exposed on RH clip-on - HELP

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Hello All. When I hit the start button, the bike doesn't start, I can hear a relay or something clicking - after a few tries (4-5) it may sometimes start so it's intermittent. Once it's kicked over the bike ran perfectly. I tried hitting the top and bottom indicator buttons while on OD to see if I get a code, but all I get is the clock controls activated - must mean no codes present?. It's a 2023 with around 800 miles. Also, I thought I'd look for something out of the ordinary, as I was looking around the RH clip on, it looks like there is something missing to cover these wires. I have nothing to compare this too - is it normal? I had some clip-ons installed a month ago with lots of good riding, do you think the install had anything to do with this? Thanks you.

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Lol. Well whoever did your “install” left your brake switch off. Sucks too because it’s a 23 and 800 miles so the dealership you got it from should be fixing this. But you voided any warranty work if it happens to be related to the wiring on your clip ons. I’d suspect it is being whoever installed those clip ons manage to screw even the simple stuff up. And that’s the side the starter switch is on. Brand new and only 800 miles doubtfully it’s the starter already. But electrical stuff ya just never know.

looks like by your other post you arnt getting power drain when you hit the switch. I’d pull all those controls off that clip on and see what else the installer managed to screw up
Yea for sure could be a dead battery. That’s an easy check. But thought you said happens sometimes then don’t. It’s literally a brand new bike so if it is the battery I suspect you have something else going on. Unless you have just left your switch on or something
If the battery doesn't have enough current, the starter relay (solenoid) isn't going to trip and make that clicking sound. In other words, the battery becomes so flat that it will no longer energize the solenoid at all.
The OEM battery on my ZX is a no-name brand, not a well-made one like Yuasa. I did a search on this forum going way back and guys had similar clicking issues where they replaced batteries and it fixed the issue. Bike shops are open tomorrow, I'll report back. Thanks everyone.
Yea. Obviously. Just saying. Must of read your problem wrong. Working fine. Then all the sudden Flat dead then back to working fine isn’t a symptom of a dead battery.
At the end of the day this is a warranty problem and the dealership should sort you out.

anyone know why 99% of motorcycle shops closed on Monday? Our dealership started in1937 we have always been closed Sunday and wed.
Yea. I figure it’s just because they need to be open on Saturday. So Sunday Monday is there “weekend”.
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That’s super odd being it’s a brand new bike. There is specs on what the manufacturer have us dealers install. Could you post a pic of yours? If it’s a generic and you bought this as a new unit then the dealership is keeping the battery’s supplied and swapping them with generic ones. Guess to sell the good one? Idk. But that’s shady.
Well that’s the supplied battery. Dealer will replace it. I’d seriously let them run a diagnostic on the bike see why it failed. Could just be a faulty battery but that’s rare that it be fine then just take a dump this soon.
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My scooter, which sits a lot when the weather is cold, will not start if the battery is low. There is a point where it will start but needs a fiddling with the brake leavers and ignition switch and then it will start. Sometimes that just does not work! Had the push it home a couple of weeks ago. It started with fiddling and I rode to the gas station, filled it up and then it to the local Chick-fil-A. It refused to start so pushed it home, less than 2 miles. Charged the battery and it started perfectly! It has fuel injection and no kick starter.

With carbs used to be only had to worry about having enough power to turn the starter. With fuel injection and computers need enough power to run the fuel pump, power the ECU and turn the starter. My scooter seems to see the low voltage and just not start - it "flashes" a low battery code. LOL yea I finally counted the flashes and then read the manual!

OP I cannot believe they put a 5 year old battery in the bike but probably were scrambling to get products out the door and figured getting the bike out was important so just use the old battery. That is frustrating and I'm sure they will replace under warranty. I'd rather have a bike with a gimpy battery than no bike at all. Seems like the supply chain is doing pretty good now but am amazed at the shortages that still crop up. Many many years ago (yea I'm old) there was a book called Megatrends. It was about globalization and I said at the time it was going to lead to problems. Some we have seen like the leveling of wages and benefits and some were exposed by COVID. Just in time inventory didn't work so well during the pandemic and now people are re-thinking strategies. Well maybe they should have thought first ...

My scooter is a Kymco Compagnia 110i made in Taiwan and has been a great little scooter
Where did you get it was a 5 year old battery?

all new bikes are delivered to the dealership with the supplied battery. It’s on the crate with the bike still in the yusa box. No way kawi shipped with an old battery.
Yea sadly I’m sure that happens. Woudnt happen here. The old man would flip his shit. But he posted a picture of the battery and that’s what’s suppose to be supplied. Not to say they dint swap it with an older same one they had tho.
It’s specific on what the model and battery used. Most sport bikes and street bikes here recently come with a sealed battery already. Our specs are to charge them but they’re 70% or higher out of the box. Smaller bikes and offroad stuff. “Aside from the moto bikes that ship with lithium’s” come in a box with the supplied acid. So same process like the one you bought. We fill the battery with acid then have a charger that starts at 10amps and automatically lowers the amps as the battery reaches full charged. That’s how the manufacturers recommend we charge them. (With the gradual reduced amps). Our policy is on stuff that typically sell fast as soon as bikes assembled we do the battery then we have a shelf that’s for like 50 trickle charger ports and after it’s charged we keep them on the trickle charge till the bike sells. We will sometimes stick a generic battery on them for when they’re on the floor and people want to turn them on and see the dash or whatever. Not all models but some if it’s the only one or new gen or something . Then throw the real battery on it when we service for the customer who buys it.
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That’s super odd. I own two of these and 3 on the floor. None of mine or the new ones we have or have sold have any exposed wires on the clip on that I can see.
And manufacturers give a one year warranty on the supplied battery so idk why they wouldn’t replace it. That’s pretty shady. We have had customers admit to leaving the switch on and if it’s under the one year we replace the battery. My issue would be assuming you haven’t left the battery on why my brand new bike had a dead battery.

dealerships like this give us all a bad name. Page 176 of your owners manual gives you the contact info for kawi consumer services in Santa Ana. The number is 949 460 5688. If it was me I’d contact them and tell them you have a 23 with a dead battery from no fault from you (if that’s the case) and your dealership refused to address the problem.
I’d also find a new place to trade with.
Good idea, I'll give them a call. They're right down the street from me.
It woudnt hurt. And I very well could be wrong about the actual warranty policy and it’s just a practice the old man started here to keep customers happy. I do know for sure no customer is paying for a battery here when the bikes the same dang year as the calendar lol. Just woudnt feel right.
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Like new helmets. Since 1982 every single bike sold here new or used you get a brand new helmet. Of course nothing crazy pricey I think we do 250$ or if you want somthing higher we knock off the 250$. Ls2 makes pretty decent affordable helmets so we will sometimes give 2 100$ helmets if they need it

Back in 82 this kid came in bought a brand new dual sport type bike and was hit by a car just Moments after he left with no helmet. Would have saved him they said. and from that day on no one leaves without a new helmet. We even still have a yearly memorial ride in honor of that kid I was only 4 when it Happened so it’s been a thing here my whole life.

Did you have them run a good diagnostic on the bike to make sure it’s charging and doesn’t have any parasitic drains that could have cause the first battery to fail? I’d think that would be something they would of offered and also be confused as to why the early failure
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And to continue my rant. That’s why new bikes sells really doesn’t make good profit gains here. The old man alwasy had a rule new helmets and every new unit gets the factory oil drained and we service and start off will bellray. Conventional for the first 600 then bellray synthetic after that. then the first service is free here as far as the oil goes. That pretty much drains the small profit on the new bikes.

between the two stores it cost $6,280 A DAY just to open the doors. So that’s $6,280 a day to be made before we ever turn a profit. Winters are hard. Was started in 1937 and we have never laid the first guy off due to work shortages. Or anything. I think we have only ever had to fire but 4 maybe 5 guys. Most all that was due to stealing or trying to short customers. Light bill this month at the Honda shop was $2,100 the day it’s my turn to take this mess over fully I’m gonna be one stressed out dude. Hopefully the old man lives till 2037 that will be our hundred year anniversary and I don’t care what happens after that lol

Dealerships make their money off service and accessories and used bikes . We do a ton of used units . . And you only make that money by treating ever single person who walks in as fair as you can treat them. Dealerships already get a bad name “stealerships” and making a guy who just bought a brand new bike have to turn around and buy a brand new battery for it just doesn’t sit right with me 🤨

there is several options they could of done and it not cost you or them a dime. Just too lazy to do it.
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Yea. It’s a good rule. Even on used bikes. that kid getting killed really bothered him.
And la They have more people to equal it out so. We live In a relatively small town (500k or so ) and own the only two dealerships here. It be easy to monopolize on being the only local dealerships but that’s something the old man worked hard to avoid
What pisses me off is when a dealer tries to charge me to assemble the bike from the crate ('setup fee' or 'assembly fee'). I'm like, no, this line right here on the Mulroney shows you were paid $175 from Kawasaki to set it up. Drop the charge.
Hell, I'll take the bike in a crate and you can keep Kawi's setup money. @Scumbag, what's your dealership's policy on selling bikes in the crate? I'm thinking a ZX400RR (the four cylinder) is in my future circa November. (and, while we're at it... what major city is your dealership in/near?)

Yes, I intend to race it.
We don’t charge an assembly fee. Like you said we get paid from the manufacturer for that. Honda pays the most. And selling still in the crate can be tricky for warranty reasons. But we do it. Really just depends the customer. We have lots of race only customers. Especially off road stuff who buy still crated.
Hey guys, the story is not over yet. I got MULTIPLE FAULT CODES WHEN I PUT THE NEW BATTERY IN, and it would hesitate before starting up!!!!! The whole dash was blinking! Long story short, I had it towed to the dealer and they cleared all the codes and it's good to go, drove it home. Charged me $180 to do it. No warranty because it was caused by a bad battery - a wear and tear item.
Dealer said when you try to start it with a weak battery multiple times, it'll throw a bunch of error code - and with the new battery in, it couldn't recover from it. I'm definitely going to buy one of those OBD2 code readers so I can delete those codes myself.
Wow. So charged you for a new battery and then a bs 180 to clear codes. On a brand new bike. Find a new dealership buddy.
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