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2023 ZX not starting, found some wires exposed on RH clip-on - HELP

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Hello All. When I hit the start button, the bike doesn't start, I can hear a relay or something clicking - after a few tries (4-5) it may sometimes start so it's intermittent. Once it's kicked over the bike ran perfectly. I tried hitting the top and bottom indicator buttons while on OD to see if I get a code, but all I get is the clock controls activated - must mean no codes present?. It's a 2023 with around 800 miles. Also, I thought I'd look for something out of the ordinary, as I was looking around the RH clip on, it looks like there is something missing to cover these wires. I have nothing to compare this too - is it normal? I had some clip-ons installed a month ago with lots of good riding, do you think the install had anything to do with this? Thanks you.

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Where did you get it was a 5 year old battery?

all new bikes are delivered to the dealership with the supplied battery. It’s on the crate with the bike still in the yusa box. No way kawi shipped with an old battery.
Shady dealers will swap the good Yuasa with a rando 'Extreme Powersports!' no-name, so that they can rape someone who brought their bike in for service by selling that 'new Yuasa OEM factory-original' battery (that the dealer didn't have to supply nearly the Cost of Goods Sold for). Great way to improve margins without it hitting your books.

I have such an 'Extreem Powersports, Dude!' battery in my bike: the battery it came with as a 2017 leftover (and note the stripped Phillips head in the ground terminal. I also found the RH seat bolt was cross-threaded and only partially in the hole and had to chase the threads with a tap).
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What pisses me off is when a dealer tries to charge me to assemble the bike from the crate ('setup fee' or 'assembly fee'). I'm like, no, this line right here on the Mulroney shows you were paid $175 from Kawasaki to set it up. Drop the charge.
Hell, I'll take the bike in a crate and you can keep Kawi's setup money. @Scumbag, what's your dealership's policy on selling bikes in the crate? I'm thinking a ZX400RR (the four cylinder) is in my future circa November. (and, while we're at it... what major city is your dealership in/near?)

Yes, I intend to race it.
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Hey guys, the story is not over yet. I got MULTIPLE FAULT CODES WHEN I PUT THE NEW BATTERY IN, and it would hesitate before starting up!!!!! The whole dash was blinking! Long story short, I had it towed to the dealer and they cleared all the codes and it's good to go, drove it home. Charged me $180 to do it. No warranty because it was caused by a bad battery - a wear and tear item.
Dealer said when you try to start it with a weak battery multiple times, it'll throw a bunch of error code - and with the new battery in, it couldn't recover from it. I'm definitely going to buy one of those OBD2 code readers so I can delete those codes myself.
Wow. So charged you for a new battery and then a bs 180 to clear codes. On a brand new bike. Find a new dealership buddy.
Not only that, but leave a two-star review (so they can't get it deleted) making it clear what shitbirds they are, on Google Maps.
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