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This will be a series of questions on how to trackify a 6R, but finally got the fairing off (that is a lot is individual pieces of plastic, with screws, bolts plastic pins...) and exposed a pointless piece of California technology the "Carbon Canister" (how much R&D and Manufacturing expense went into stopping milli-liters of Hydrocarbons leak into the atmosphere each time a CA motorcycle was turned off).

Sorry RANT Off.

So said piece of technology has accidentally fallen of said 6R and left a female, two pin connector, and two vent pipes.

Previous posts suggest routing the Blue striped vent pipe (from the top of the tank) down into the ground or track catch tank, check.

The Green striped vent pipe I think comes from the top of the fuel injectors and needs to be capped off, current simple solution is a 6mm batter bolt screwed into the pipe with the circle over the top of them. Is this sufficient or do I really need to get an out of state blanking plate.

Do I need to do anything with the loose connector, like stick a something ohm resistor over the connection so it thinks it's working the relay when the bike is running (assuming it's a relay open when bike is running and shuts off - actually opening the feed to the charcoal canister when the bike is off). At a push I can probably reconnect just the relay if that stops irritating lights on the console.
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