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2013 Zx6r 636 Questions?????

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Hello everyone!!!

I recently purchased a 2013 Zx6r 636 ABS (Green/Black) and completely feel in love. I live in the houston tx area but unfortunately I'm not able to ride anytime soon due to being deployed with the Military (Army) and wont be home until Dec 2015. So for now my baby sits in the garage waiting for me to come home. Anyways let me jump into my questions?????

1st. Does anyone know of a good mechanic/Shops in the houston area that actually knows how to work on motorcycle when the time comes when i need any work done/upgrades on my motorcycle???

2nd. When I come back from my deployment I want to start upgrading my bike. I would like to install a Stabilizer/Steering Damper but don't know what are some good brands since im new to the motorcycle scene. I'm the type of person when I buy something I want the best so if i had to put a price limit I dont want to spend more than $1,000. Some people tell me go with the GPR or Ohlins. what do you recommend???

3rd. Do any of you recommend any websites or shops in the houston area to buy parts/upgrades???

4th. When I get back home do any of yall know of any spots in the houston area where I can meet some cool people to ride with? Bike meets?

5th. Anything I need to know about the 636? what to look out for, maintenance, must have upgrades etc...????

I really look forward on hearing from yall soon! Hopefully one day I can meet some of yall on the road. Thanks for your time and ride safe. by the way my name is Josh.


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hey Josh, I would be glad to help you but I'm not too experience with upgrades and not from the States. Just wanna say that pic is badass brother.
Thank you! Well the parts don't have to be expensive just would like to know from others experience what are some good brands and which to stay away from.
Welcome man and congrats on the bike! The two brands you mentioned are both popular and reliable. You won't get close to that $1,000 mark which is good. Just look at reviews on here as there are a few threads going over it.

As for mod recommendations really based on personal preference and what you're trying to do. I personally think tank pads/grips are a must on a super sport especially in city type riding and of course if you plan to take it to the track. I won't write a story for mods but I have a channel on YouTube with my mods on it (thewhiteninja636)

I think if you just look around the forum a little you will find the more common mods and will be able to tell what sounds appealing to you based on your bike goals. You'll continue to fall in love with the bike though it's a blast! And that's a tight picture you took of yours!
1. download the service manual from this site : (search 2013 zx6r service manual in google and the first link is to a zx6r.com post). you can do almost everything yourself, and it helps you to understand and appreciate your bike more!

2. i have a GPR V4 on my '13 and I love it. very reasonably priced.

3. i like sportbiketrackgear, crazy jack's (for all bazzaz stuff).

4. all the cool people race in the CMRA and there's a great track in Houston (actually Angleton, MSR Houston) that we race at.

5. read answer to question 1, download the service manual - everything is in there including periodic maintenance.

and welcome!
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Hello and welcome!

The number one upgrade you can do, especially as a new rider, is to yourself. Get some rider training. In the mean time, you can read this: http://files.meetup.com/1510087/A+Twist+of+the+Wrist+II.pdf

...and watch this:


Also, get full gear (helmet, gauntlet style gloves, riding jacket, riding pants/overpants, and riding boots), and wear it every time you ride.

Some of the best places I have found to buy stuff for you and your bike are:



www.motomummy.com (based in Austin, TX area)

www.partzilla.com (great prices, but longer shipping times)
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I got a steering stabilizer on my 13 and sold it within a month. To each his own but thought it was a waste of money and made the bike ride like shit.
^ it's a requirement in my racing org. i can't imagine a whole lot of street riding scenarios where you're coming out of a turn at 50mph and accelerate to 120mph.
@Blueduck1105 Nice!!! White 636 love the white/black. I went ahead and checked out your channel. I tried searching around the site to find some answers to my questions but since I'm new to this site I didnt know where to begin. Anyways thanks for the advice I'll go ahead and keep searching the site to learn more and to get some ideas of what I want to do to my bike.
Welcome! That is a great looking bike. I love the green! I have heard some mixed things about adding steering stabilizers to the newer bikes. A lot of people have said they didn't even notice a difference with or without one.
@ilotek Thanks! I'll check out the link and go ahead and check out the service manual. Good to know there's people in this site that can help and guide me.
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@Strider Thanks! I'll keep that in mind you can't go wrong with extra training.
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@Damyers8 whats the purpose in changing Sprockets?
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@Damyers8 whats the purpose in changing Sprockets?
a typical conversion on our bikes is to reduce the front sprocket by 1 tooth and add 2 teeth to the rear sprocket. that's usually referred to as -1/+2. it sacrifices a bit of top end speed to improve acceleration.

anytime you reduce the teeth in front or add teeth in the back, you increase acceleration and reduce top speed. the flip is also true, but i don't think anyone goes up in the front and down in the rear.

on my race bike i run -1/+2. that's pretty standard.
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