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2013 Help!

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Whats up Ladies and Gents,
So i just took my bike out for a sprin today, first time riding since december. The battery light came on but it is a brand new battery, would anyone have an idea where an issue would come from with that? Also as I was getting back home the radiator light came on.

I'm not the most mechanically inclined person but I can figure things out.

Thanks for all and any help to solving these issues!

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there's a battery and a radiator light? pics?
Yup the radiator light turned on, and the red light is on with the batery icon next to it, ill post a pic in a second
If you're bike sat since December, the battery could be drained. Take it out on a long ride (more than 20 minutes) to recharge it or throw it on a battery tender.
in the pic the radiator light it off... right after that pic i turned off the bike went to turn it on and the lights came on, went ot start her up and she won't crank over


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the battery has been on the tender, i just don't want it to be a costly fix if the rectifier is shot, or if something else is wrong
The red light is your oil light, unless I'm mistaken.

It's normal for this to be on when the motor isn't on (and therefore circulating oil).

I don't see any radiator light .... or anything else that looks fishy :O
the bike is on and running in that pic, like i rode around the street and it was not on, coming back it came on the same time as the battery icon light
red light is oil pressure sensor. it will stay on until the motor is running and oil is circulating
if the bike has been sitting since december assume it's the battery before anything else.
The radiator "light" would be above the battery "light" on the HUD. Like OP mentioned, its not on, on that pic.

Buy a new battery. Unless you installed HIDs or something else that draws on the electrical system, you'd have be very unlucky to drop a stator or R/R already on what sounds like a low mileage bike.

Batteries do weird shit, biggest enemy for them is sitting idle whether they are on a tender or not. If I were a betting man I'd throw down $20 on a new battery fixing it.
I lived out in San Diego and moved back to the East Coast, i let a buddy ride it before i came back, he said that the bike was doing the same thing. It never gave me any issues,

The best thing would just to tender the battery, next time I go out take it for a long ride, and see if its just because the bike hasn't been out for so long?
using the pic as a reference under the 18 rpm, thats the radiator light correct? thats the one that turned on
no that's the check engine light, you can use the service manual to find out how to get hte LCD dash to display the check engine code. my guess is that it's a butterfly exhaust valve thing. did you install a slip on with no servo buddy?
Also, hello and welcome!
Yea that's the check engine light, as I mentioned above. The radiator "light" is below the clock and above the battery "light" on the HUD. The only time that light goes off is when the coolant goes above 239 degrees and you're well below that.

Like ilotek said, check your manual on how to get the HUD to flash the code and let us know what the code is or google it yourself and we can help you diagnose.

With that being said, I think the check engine light can come on with a dead battery and stay on until the next successful startup. Happened on my Triumph. Doesn't necessarily mean there's a serious fault in my experience.

Still maintaining that you just need a new battery.

You could try to throw it back on the tender and if she cranks, take her on a long ride to get the bike to recharge the battery.
ahh touche`, i said in the first post im not the smartest, and yeah i just put on a slip on I have to take it for a service.... Should that work wonders on her?
ahh touche`, i said in the first post im not the smartest, and yeah i just put on a slip on I have to take it for a service.... Should that work wonders on her?
Service won't make a difference. They'll only gunna change your oil and just give the bike an overall checkup. If the battery is shot, I mean they can run a battery load test for you and suggest you get a new battery but that won't be covered under service and they'll charge you dealer costs for a battery and extra labor for something you can buy and replace yourself for much cheaper.

If the check engine light is indeed from your servo, same thing, service won't fix it. You'll have to get a servo buddy or figure out why the servo motor is sending a fault. On the 2013 you can remove the stock exhaust and leave the servo motor and you shouldn't get a fault as long as the servo motor is plugged in and is free to spin around when you first start the bike up.

EDIT: On second thought, maybe just take it in for service if its due. A good mechanic or dealer should be able to run the check engine light code for you and a battery load test along with taking it in for service at no extra cost. Then you can decide what to do if the battery indeed is shot.
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ahh touche`, i said in the first post im not the smartest, and yeah i just put on a slip on I have to take it for a service....

in the service, what exactly are the things they do?
Spark PLugs?
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