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Hey all, I gotta do my Spark Plugs because I'm at 7500 miles so while I'm down under the gas tank, I was thinking of banging some mods out. My buddy has the Woolrich software and an extra token so he will be tuning my bike eventually but he's going away for a couple months so I'm going to push the tune out to probably this summer. Right now is prime track season in SoCal because the weather is perfect (not to hot not to cold) so the focus has been on suspension for me, not engine performance.

So basically, few questions.

1. I know I need blockoff plates to get the best of the tune. If I put these on before the tune, any negative effects? Am I going to push any CELs?

2. Has anybody went to all 4 short OEM stacks for all 4 of the intake stacks on the 2013+ yet? Any input on this and how much low range torque is lost? I'm a track rider that keeps my revs up really high so I think the short stacks will benefit me.

3. Is it true the short stacks make the intake louder? In my searches a guy on another forum said it's pretty considerable. Just wondering.

4. Which ones are the short stacks? The outside??? I can't tell from the parts diagram. Want to make sure I order the correct OEM parts.

5. Appreciate your recommendation on best performance Air Filter. Obviously K & N is a top choice but appreciate feedback from anybody with the 2013+. I will be doing my own research but like I said, always appreciate of feedback.

6. Appreciate recommendation for best performance spark plugs. I think I went with NGK Iridiums on my Triumph so might do the same for the ZX6 but appreciate your feedback.
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