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2013-2015 Race kit Manual

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Could anyone share this manual with me? :)

ty in advance
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unfortunately at this time there is not one, that I am aware of. best bet is to base off of the 09-12 race manual, and understand some things are direct swap, and some things are not. Ski
Best bet is to do the common power adders..a few people have made posts.myself included..Supersport build making 130 at the wheel..09ish velocity stacks with flap removed,race filter,ecu flash,full exhaust,thin hg,degreed cams tuned on u4.4 made 129.75 with esp in tucson.my bike holds the 600 lap record at arroyo seco..with Thomas Puerta riding it lol :/
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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