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Hey guys,

I just recently joined the forums, and feel quite a bit encouraged with the wealth of knowledge on here. First things first, I tried doing some searching on the forums for the answer I’m seeking, but didn’t really fully get it. Let me start from the beginning:

Last month I purchased a 2009 ZX6R with 17,000 miles on it. The kicker - it had a blown motor. I, fully knowing this threw myself into the project, and I am now seeking some guidance.

So, without hesitation I started tearing the bike down, with my end goal being to drop the engine, and have a looksee at the damage just to see what I was dealing with. Cylinder #4 was toast. Bent valves and valve guides, and the piston looked like it had seen much better days. The cylinder itself had light scraping along the top, but no serious damage to the actual walls itself. The cylinder head was pretty banged up as well, to the point where I had no thought of repairing it, but just replacing it. I had a few shops look at it, and all of them told me that they couldn’t fix the damage to the cylinder and definitely not the cylinder head. Long story short, I was told I’d be silly to try and repair the engine in the condition that it was in. So the search began for a new engine.

Low and behold, a beautiful 2013 636 engine with only 3600 miles on it popped up during my search at a relatively fair price. I researched the compatability of the 636 in my 2009, and it is fully compatable from what I have gathered, with the exception of a few things, so I took a stab at it. That is what I am posting about. I received the engine a few days ago, and mounted it in the bike with no problems whatsoever. Flawless fit. Now on to my questions:

1) At this point, I am unsure if I need to replace my ecu/main wiring harness with the 2013’s, OR, if I could have my current ecu reflashed to be compatable with the 636. A friend of mine told me that I can use the 09 harness with no problems, but I’ll need to get an aftermarket ecu, such as the kawi kit (which I cannot find for the life of me in my searches on google). What are your guys’ thoughts/recommendations?

2) Once I have my first question answered, I will be looking to finish up the project and beginning riding it relatively soon. Before ANYTHING, I want to have my timing and valves adjusted. Would it be better not to run the bike before having those two things adjusted? Also I will be changing oil/oil filter, adding new coolant, changing all spark plugs, and a new k&n air filter. Am I missing anything?

3) If there are any crucial steps/replacements I am missing, PLEASE let me know before I fire this thing up for the first time.

I will be posting pictures in a little bit when I get to my computer.
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