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Hello all,

So I am having a charging issue with my 09 ZX6R, I know this is a common problem but would like some input on what I found when diagnosing the bike.

Issue: I was out riding the bike and made a stop for fuel when the bike wouldn't turn over, just the starter relay clicking like the battery was dead. I was able to push start the bike and get to Oriellys where it sputtered out on me and died so I coasted into parking lot. During that ride the cluster would go in and out. I take battery inside and they say its bad so I got a new one and off I went for a good while until once again bike wouldn't turn over, just clicking. So at this point I decided its definitely a charging issue or grounding issue. I un-plugged headlights and push started bike making it home while it sputtered out with cluster going in and out.

Today I check all grounds and terminal connections and everything was tight and clean, I checked voltage at battery while running and sure enough getting about 11v to battery. So I pulled up service manual and started diagnosing.

Diagnosis: Firstly, I checked out the R/R as that seems to be an issue with these bikes. I was doing a diode test with my fluke meter and everything read OL or 0.450v like it was suppose to and nothing read backwards. EXCEPT for W3-Ground, it is suppose to read OL but I get 0v and my meter buzzes at me. It reads 0v going pos-neg and neg-pos, nothing else read backwards like this except for the OL's. Is this an issue inside the rectifier or is the 0v okay to get if its suppose to be an OL?

Secondly, I checked output voltage on stator plug. Manual says 54v AC or more above 4k rpms, I am getting 4-5v AC on all 3 legs no matter where pos and neg are. Then I did a resistance check on the lines and all read 0.3ohms. Manual says you should get 0.11 - 0.17. Now my wire leads have 0.2ohm resistance, so it seems I am getting about 0.1ish ohms on meter, so resistance check seems good. Here's the thing, the manual says if you get good resistance but bad voltage, then the rotor needs to be replaced do to magnets being weak. The bike only has 8k miles on it btw.

Lastly, I pull stator cover to find 3 of the coils completely black with a burnt smell, so i assume they are burnt out or something. The stator cover was pretty hard to pull off due to magnets, so not very weak, took a little fighting. The rotor looks un-damaged to me, no scratching/scoring or anything being ate up, magnets look good to the eye and bike has not been dropped recently.

So here are my questions, do I need to replace R/R due to getting 0v instead of OL on W3-Ground?

Do I need to really replace rotor due to seemingly getting good resistance check but bad voltage?

Should I be good to go with just a new stator?

Bike has had the R/R recall done to it.

What replacement parts/brands do you guys recommend using on R/R & Stator? I am finding lots of different ones at different prices.

Thank you for any input!!
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