Less than 8k miles, can get exact mileage when inquired. Only bad, left side has minor damage from previous owner low siding the bike. Everything else is solid.
Oil changed meticulously every other trackday, not a ton of street miles. EBC brake pads, about half life left on them. Bazzaz quickshifter system that will need repaired, was having issue with false ignition cuts so I unplugged the system and havnt used it since, hasn’t given me anymore problems. Woodcraft fixed rearsets setup in GP configuration. Front supercorsa SC with plenty of middle tread left for general commuting, rear tire is a Sc2 racing slick with quite a bit of life left, not recommended for street use. ECU flashed by local shop/tuner Powersports Stuff. Yoshi slip on with gutted header and catless midpipe, so a full system without the larger diameter header pipes.
Bike is very capable, has been 1:51 in advance group at HPT in this exact configuration.