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2006 zx6r weird issue

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Hello everyone thanks for reading.
2006 zx6r 23k miles pc3 ful yoshi rs5 system k&n air filter running jdgun map

So I recently added the pc3 to the list and what happens is
It would start right up and the idle will be pulsing 300-500 difference until it reaches 210*f+ Then remains constant as it should but as soon as I start riding and ect goes below 210 it will pulse again until 210+.

This only started to happen after the pc3 install on the bright side it rides beautiful, smooth, more power no bogging or anything weird during operation

only thing is the idle and I have no idea how to fix it or what's causing it other than pc3 I've also tried different maps and replaced spark plugs with no luck

Thanks in advance
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My idle always bounces up and down about 200 rpms....thats normal. But pulsing 500 is a lil too much. First of all...unplug the power commander and see if it still does it.
The idle should not hunt up and down at all if everything is working properly !

That is just nonsense talk that they all do that..........I call BULLSHIT !
Haven't done it yet but if I uninstall the pc3 and its stop happening what am I suppose to do not use it? Lol I have a full system so I would like to utilize the pc3

What I don't get is why the idle goes back to normal after 210* but anything lower its lumpy
I know you said you like to use pc but unplugin it will rule out if its bad and causin the problem.
did you tech your pwercommander the throttle positions?

usually done by revving the piss out of it in neutral all the way to redline. be prepared for a pissed neighbourhood.

reason doing it at home on a stand in neutral is because you have to save the setting. Redlining on the street you better be on a highway. the pc has to learn the different voltages of the TPS sensor.

problem also is, any time you disconnect the battery it looses the settings and needs reteaching.

you got an option of avoiding this revving throttle stuff by buying the ignition module. that way you just need to turn the key and turn the throttle without the engine running.
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