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I recently purchased a 2006 ZX6R from a local private party and am trying to sort through some of the small issues it has. The history of the bike is limited but I got it from the original owner and it has around 16k miles on it.

I was riding the other day and the bike lost power, shut down completely. Luckily, I was near a gas station and pulled in. After troubleshooting, I determined that the bike was out of gas. This baffled me because the fuel light never came on and the LCD display never said 'fuel' like the manual says it should. Once I filled up the tank, the bike started right up. I've drove it to about 130 miles and still no light or notifications. I'm going to assume that the sending unit isn't working properly since the bike still runs fine.

I've read on the forum that the sensor and pump are one unit that is installed in the tank. Is this true? If not, I would imagine that I could replace the sending unit and not the pump, correct?

This is my first Kawasaki so I'm still learning. I only know what the manual tells me at this point. So, any help, insight, suggestions will be much appreciated.
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