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Hi all!

I've bought a 2005 zx6-r with 28k km on it as my project bike. I seriously considering adding a supercharger and aiming for about 200 engine hp.

The supercharger selection is as follows:
1. AMR500 (I saw a video of a guy who put it on 675 Daytona and got 225 HP) - aiming for about 7-9 PSI - dirt cheap, plenty available & pretty reliable. Will be run with ceramiser oil addition to keep up with 18k revs max (1.5:1 ratio)
2. Some refurbished Eaton R410 or M62 or similar (depending on size & performance)
3. Too expensive but maybe possible in future: Rotrex C15-60

I don't really need that much HP, but I just love tinkering with bikes. This will be my first big project, that's why I'm going to do it with a mechanic shop specialized in tunning (mostly cars). I'm thinking about using full bazzaz package with QS / TC to tune it. Of course intercooler as big as possible is going to be in place as well 8)

Basically I want to change my Horse Power to "Unicorn Power" (very dangerous animals, with more power).

List of other mods that I plan to do / or I'm already in progress of making:
  1. Full led projectors (almost done, need to adjust the light beam cutoff)
  2. Automatic DRL/low/high beam depending on ambient light (in progress, using some premade module right now to switch between DRL/full led)
  3. Adjustable DRL color, adjustable DRL + headlights intensity (possibly arduino based module + mosfets & smart leds for DRL) + controls (maybe Bluetooth app?)
  4. DRL blinkers (done, will be replaced by custom color DRL)
  5. Custom aluminum exhaust piping after cat
  6. Probably some DIY / custom double slip-on / Akrapovic (I love the looks & sound of underseat exhaust on 05-06)
  7. ZX10R rear wheel swap for 200/55r17 or 200/60r17 tire (bought & dismantled rim, need to order correct bearings or machine rim to match 52mm bearings from 636, also I'm missing information about axle spacer length on 636 - not sure if it will fit zx10r rim? Perhaps I should consider axle swap as well)
  8. Accesory chain tensioners (more precise & easier to use ones)
  9. Fairing replacement (already in shipment)
  10. Front & rear suspension replacement from 2018+ zx6r (Are they worth it or should I just refurbish OEM ones?)
  11. Steering damper (done)
  12. Double rear cameras (possibly instead of mirrors) + 5"-7" screen that will display them both
  13. Integrated tail light & blinkers (done)
  14. DIY speedo healer (I will need help with that, I do not own oscilloscope)
  15. Flashing led when stopping OR slowing down (see 14.)
  16. Hydraulic clutch conversion (in shipment)
  17. Accessory master front & clutch pump (Brembo RS19 copies)
  18. Accessory rear pump (Brembo copy)
  19. Darkened/smoked headlights/blinkers/rear lights
  20. Tire pressure & temperature sensors + display (waiting for tire replacement)
  21. Louder horn (done, though I want to revisit that one - it's still to quiet :D )
  22. DIY lithium battery with additional small supercapacitor pack
  23. Underseat socket for easy charging of battery
  24. Hermetic sealed connectors for most exposed / non sealed connectors (blinkers etc) - (done)
  25. Engine, supercharger & exhausts painted in black (if I'd like to ride it sometimes without fairings, and to add to the general look&feel 8) )
  26. Stunt cage/frame sliders + stunt rear pegs in place of passenger set (I'm having troubles finding that items for sale and nobody I know makes them)
  27. Underseat license plate holder + custom lights
  28. Easily accessible horn button (additional, more ergonomic one - super useful for street riding. Oem horn button is too far away from my thumb even after adjustments - I need quick access for emergencies)
  29. Oil cap with DIY temperature sensor?
  30. Pulstar plugs (in shipment)
  31. *DIY custom build speedo (this is really tough & time consuming, since I'd had to decipher original one :( But perfect version I Imagine would have integrated camera display on 7+ inch screen, coolant + oil temps, light adjustments, fuel map adjustments, TMPS pressure + temps, error code reading built-in, GPS speed etc - sky is the limit here :) )
As you can see lots of stuff, I know that probably I won't some of those things because of limited time / funds / parts accessibility. I love 2005-ish bike looks, in the future I intend to buy ZX10R or R1 and make similar mods. I'm programmer by education and I'm used to that kind of tinkering because I spent a lot of time with my pops making repairs to family cars & motorcycles (beside other DIY stuff). I also intend to buy most of the stuff from Aliexpress because I don't mind any quality issues I might encounter (in most cases I can fix them myself or they do not bother me), and prices are dirt cheap - which makes this project possible as a hobby :)

The bike will be ridden mostly in the city to my office (though I rev it often to 12k cutoff, mostly because of acceleration - I rarely largely break speed limits ;) I also brake hard & lean as much as possible on city streets. I don't write aggressively in traffic / limited visibility or bad conditions. I do not intend to ride in rain. Track days & some longer trips will be limited to only few a year.

I do not want to buy liter bike a this time. I do not want to bike more modern bike at this time (just love 05-06 ZX-6R looks).

I will upload some pictures of already done stuff later

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I guess we know who will be buying up all the used 05/06 zx6r engines in the world if you think you are going to spin it up to 18,000 rpms or make anywhere near 200hp
and say good bye to your clutch and trans and everything else too............

Drive 1/4 mile, rebuild.......drive another 1/4 mile rebuild and replace clutch........ drive another 1/4---ooops it blew up..replace with new engine, rinse and repeat!!!!!!!!!!!

taking off 05/06 suspension and installing 07/08........waste of monies- if you are going to do suspension then do suspension......AK20's up front and Penske in the rear, bam $2200 burned through

Dual rear view cameras.......... WHY- with 200hp and very limited engine life you won't ever see what is behind you is falling behind further til yours blows up and they drive right by laughing

But hey......I hope you prove me wrong......but 150ish HP is all the stock crank can hold for more than a few thousand miles and you better already have carillo rods and better valve sprngs and a whole bunch more expensive shit in the engine before you even get to the 150hp moark, let alone the 200hp range..........

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18k is for AMR500 (it's max temp rotation). I'm planning to rev engine to about 12-13k max. That's why you have 1.5:1 ratio (12k * 1.5 = 18k). I saw a guy who did around 200 hp on zx6r with rotrex on this forum...

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Find another project bro...from this list you have way to much $$ burning hole in pocket and ready to throw away.
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