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2005 636 Solo Seat Cowl question

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I just bought an OEM solo seat cowl for my bike (found a brand new one on ebay for next to nothing; different color than my bike but it's getting repainted anyway). It came pre-assembled and it doesn't fit correctly. The washers are installed on both sides and I'm not sure if that is what is binding it up. The gap isn't too much when trying to get it on (don't have pictures at the moment, just wanted to hear peoples opinions first). Wondering if those washers would cause it to not fit properly? I can get pictures of it should people need them.
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Yeah, some fit and some don't. You have to play around with the washers by adding/removing them to get a proper fit. He'll, at least yours came with a bracket (rare).
Yeah I had to remove the left side washer for it to fit correctly all the way around. But it does fit which is good.
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